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Video: Dumb fan asks Jon Jones to choke him out, Bones does too good of a job

Video: Dumb fan asks Jon Jones to choke him out, Bones does too good of a job

Wait is that attempted murder? Naw, it’s just MMA fans being MMA fans. Also Jon Jones being the most fan friendly version of himself.

This is what happens when Jon Jones starts to be nice to MMA fans. Also, why did Bone gently drop our dude to the floor then immediately run off screen? Like Jones bounced from the scene like he had some weed in his cup holder. Just went Usain Bolt on them.

Hypothetical speaking, if our eager German friend does not wake up from that rear naked choke…, how to put it? Is that like murder or something? What did MiddleEasy just watch?

Should probably shower and take inventory of our affairs following a single viewing of this video.

One day the sport of MMA will out grow the act of fans, perky morning show hosts, and wacky FM DJs asking trained pro to choke them out. Or maybe it won’t happen. Maybe people just are really curious and turned on by being choked out cold.

MMA remains, then, now, and forever the kinkiest sport in the game.

So here’s Bones Jones making headlines when, per usual, he might want to lay low. The MMA world is due for some just jaw dropping Bones Jones news. How can Bones top himself at this point? The bar is pretty high from years worth of screw-ups and tripping over himself.

Does Jones have it in him to torpedo yet another International Fight Week for the UFC? The MMA world wants to believe. Until the GOAT wild outs again, let’s just watch him choke out this extremely dumb fan.

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