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Video: Being a Fan Will Not Save You From Getting Owned By Demetrious Johnson in Video Games

Demetrious Johnson doesn’t care if you’re a fan. Demetrious Johnson doesn’t care if you’re just trying to help. When it comes to survival game H1Z1, he only cares about one thing: self-preservation. One player starts fan-girling that the Mighty Mouse is in the game and even graciously provides the UFC flyweight champion a vehicle. BRRRAP! It don’t matter. All Stans get dealt with.

Johnson’s misadventures continue through funny deaths, kills and glitches until later when he holds down a warehouse all by himself. The best part is when a girl player asks if anyone needs assistance only to run face first into Johnson’s gunshots. BRRRAP! YOUR ASSISTANCE IS NOT NEEDED. As a bonus, you get to see the ownage from the other gamer’s perspective right afterwards.

Check out Mighty Mouse’s playthrough below.

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