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Fabricio Werdum taps Cain Velasquez after a wild bloodbath

Fabricio Werdum taps Cain Velasquez after a wild bloodbath

What does this mean? Strikeforce never die? Pride? Old-school UFC? Werdum never die. This has cemented Werdum as an official legend in MMA. It validates his win over Fedor, and it proves that his dominant run over the last three years in which he went 6-0 and has now turned his interim UFC heavyweight title into the undisputed heavyweight title. Fabricio Werdum, damn. He did it in extremely impressive fashion, but for a while it didn’t look like he was going to do it. 

The fight opened with a blitzkrieg of offense from Cain, both men were taking shots left and right, but Cain was the early and often aggressor. Eventually, Werdum was able to create space and start picking apart a bloodier and bloodier Cain. Every time the fight went to the ground, Cain would get up and not give Werdum a second in the guard. The fight devolved more and more into a bloody mess, almost like Hunt/Bigfoot, and both men were rocked, with Cain especially wobbily after the second round. The crowd was on its feet.

The fight was so good this happened:


The third starts violently, Cain goes for a takedown, and lo and behold, Werdum grabs the neck of Cain and makes him tap in glorious fashion.

What a win. What a performance. Werdum.


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