Fabricio Werdum hates your heroes, TKOs Hunt in the second in a wild battle

After moving back to Chicago from LA, I moved into the same apartment complex I lived in when Werdum finished Fedor. It’s basically the same apartment, actually. I remarked that I was sitting in basically the same spot when Werdum broke my heart then and there was no way he could do it again, right?


He got dropped multiple times by a Mark Hunt that looked fantastic. Simply great. Hunt was doing everything correct. He even ate Fabricio Werdum’s flying knee with perfect manners. After he dropped, Hunt looked like he may survive the barrage of punches, but it wasn’t in the cards. Werdum is your rightful interim champion. 

Cain is in trouble. Let’s admit it.

This Werdum is too well-rounded, too, good on the ground and standing up. He’s too experienced, too well trained. Too FRESH. He’s the champ, isn’t he?

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