Fabricio Werdum explains why he calls Alistair Overeem his ‘son’

I have a friend named Noel and after every statement, he likes to throw the word ‘son’ at the end. He compared it to a samurai wiping the blood off his blade after he chopped someone’s head off. Therefore, try to use ‘son’ at some point in the week. Proper usage would be ‘you tripped over my NES cord when I was about to defeat Dr. Wiley in Mega Man 2 and yanked the controller out of the console, son’. At which point, a fist fight would ensue and someone will eventually be placed in timeout for the rest of the day. Werdum is well aware in the ways of utilizing the word ‘son’ to add a subtle insult to the end of a phrase, and we have even video to prove it.

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