Faber laughs at Duane Ludwig’s UFC career

Say what you will about Urijah Faber and his constant title shots — dude gets the job done when he’s not fighting for a title. That’s how he works his way back up all the time. He wins. And he usually finishes people. He may be getting older, but you can’t deny that he’s a draw, and near the top of the bantamweight division.

Fuck it – we deserve the rubber match between Cruz and Faber, and we want to see it. So who cares what Duane Ludwig thinks? Not Faber. He said the following on Submission Radio:

“(Laughs) That guy, at a 135 pounds, being a division-one wrestler and ranked number 12 in the world – or whatever he was ranked – and he hasn’t fought any of the guys in the top ten except for Iuri Alcântara – who he beat. I would like to see Duane go one round with that guy and see how he does against him. (laughs) The guy’s a jackal, man. I mean, where does he get off – I mean I know he fought in the UFC and, you know, he did ok here and there – but where does he get off saying anything about my positioning in this world? It’s sad.”

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