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[email protected]#& War Machine

F@#& War Machine

Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver is a piece of sh*t.

Let us just get that out of the way

The man who calls himself ‘War Machine’ for some strange and imbecilic reason is wanted by police in Las Vegas for a ‘three person altercation’, involving porn star Christy Mack and an unnamed friend. While War Machine continues to hide like the gigantic p*ssy he is, refusing to own up to what he did; more information has come out, and he has been fired from Bellator. And now, the horrific details and pictures stemming from the incident has surfaced via Mack’s Twitter page, which can be seen below:

<center><blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>Added below are the graphic photos and story about what happened <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Christy Mack (@ChristyMack) <a href=”″>August 11, 2014</a></blockquote>
<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script></center>

In the text posted with the tweet, Mack detailed exactly what happened that night. And it is horrific. On Friday night, at two in the morning, Koppenhaver showed up unannounced to her house. He then beat her friend, and threw him out of the house, before turning on her. The f*cking sicko forced her to undress and shower in front of him, before mercilessly beating her. She does not remember how many times she was hit; however, she was stabbed several times with a knife and was threatened constantly throughout the whole ordeal. If that was not enough, the man who calls himself ‘War Machine’, told her that he was going to ‘rape’ her, but she managed to escape just in time.

Since then, there has been a rewards offered for his capture by Fleshlight and Mack herself.

During the altercation. She had suffered countless injuries. Eighteen broken bones; multiple lesions from the stab wounds; her speech is slurred; she may never walk properly again; and other things.

So, now, in this article, I – Joel – and the Middle Easy team have something to say about this whole incident: f*ck War—you know what, no, let’s call him by his name: f*ck Jon Koppenhaver, and f*ck everybody that loves him. F*ck the people who defend him, and f*ck the people who are out here victim blaming. You are all pieces of sh*t, and may you all burn in hell.

Jon, while you are hiding; pretending that you are the victim, and telling everyone on Twitter that you are a ‘good guy’, your former girlfriend – who you nearly beat to death – is lying in a hospital bed, with multiple injuries, some she may never recover from. You tell us you are a ‘good guy’, but would a good guy turn up unannounced to his girlfriend’s house and beat her as viciously as you did, and then threaten to rape her, as she lay defenceless and on the verge of dying? Let’s take this back to a couple of months ago. Would a good guy tweet that ‘real men’ rape?

Let’s take this back even further. Would a good guy joke about domestic violence, like you did a few months ago? Would a good guy turn up to a party, and just start throwing hands at anyone he saw because he could?

You are not a good guy. You are not an ‘alpha male’ either, as much as you liked to tweet about it along with the other disillusioned uninformed bullsh*t which you say that nobody cares about. You are a vile human being. You do not deserve to live and breathe the air that you do. You do not deserve to see the sunlight. You do not deserve to enjoy the freedoms that a free man has. What Koppenhaver deserves, is to be thrown in f*cking jail, and left to rot.

I’m not even going to say ‘good guys do not beat women’, because guys should not beat women, period.

Oh, and I’m not done here.

There are people who are on Twitter who are trying to defend this man, and his actions. They say things like: “Christy Mack deserves this because she’s a porn star” or “What did you expect from a guy named War Machine?” They are blaming a person – who was beaten viciously by a former boyfriend unexpectedly – for getting beaten up. In what world does that make sense? No one deserves to be beaten within an inch of their life because their boyfriend is angry. Also, the fact she is a porn star has absolutely nothing to do with why she ended up like this.

So, once again: f*ck you, Jon Koppenhaver, the man who for some reason calls himself War Machine. You are an asshole. You are a piece of sh*t. You are a p*ssy. And we here at MiddleEasy hope they find your ass, and you end up behind bars, never seeing the light of day. Also, to the people blaming Mack for getting beaten: f*ck you too.

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