Exclusive interview with Shane Carwin

Legend has it that everytime Shane Carwin unleashes his ground and pound, it registers on the Richter scale. Carwin grapples with hurricanes. One day Shane Carwin dropped one of his gloves in Arizona…the result was the Grand Canyon. He drinks from volcanoes and stuffs earthquakes in his roast beef sandwiches. Carwin doesn’t use oxygen, the dude breathes pain. Whenever Shane Carwin isn’t riding shotgun with Voltron, he occasionally visits earth to compete in the UFC. With a record of 11-0, the longest he’s ever been in the cage was two minutes and eleven seconds. In fact, five of Carwin’s wins have been under a minute. On November 21st he will meet Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 to contest the UFC Heavyweight title, but first you must check out this exclusive interview conducted by MiddleEasy’s D**k ‘Starscream’ Grayson. You have to because Shane Carwin said so.

What type of kid were you like in high school?Pretty much like any other kid growing up in the late 80s early 90s. I played lots of sports, hung out with my friends doing things I would never want my son to do today. It was a good childhood. We were all raised by a single mother who made sure we had our lives in order.

What’s your idea of letting loose?Well I don’t have a ton of free time. I enjoy watching my son play sports. He just finished soccer and last week we just fitted him for his football pads. I am actually going to go watch his first practice. Aside from that I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like fishing, camping etc. I still mow my own lawn and I actually find some enjoyment from doing my own yard work.

You played in the 1998 Senior Bowl, how come you didn’t continue to play football?I put everything I had into that year. I took a year off from Wrestling and focused on becoming a NFL football player. Making the Senior Bowl as a Div II College should give you an idea of the tempo I kept that season. I had a ton of NFL buzz around me and I was expected to go in the top part of the Draft. It looked like I was going to be a NFL player. I had my son, a wife etc then word of my back injury began to circulate and the phones stopped ringing. Then the wife left and I realized then that I might need to adjust my priorities in life. I went back to the Wrestling room, the guys there were still my friends and were not caught up in the pursuit of fame or money. I went on to win the NCAA Div II title that year.

Hines Ward was also in the same Senior Bowl year, was he any good? He was great then a lot of the players on that field were great.

Name a NFL football player with a realistic chance of being a solid MMA fighter.Stephen Neal, I think he plays for New England. He is an amazing wrestler with tremendous speed, power and mat awareness. I think he waled onto the NFL without playing in College and owns a few Superbowl rings. He could be a threat.

Name a MMA fighter with the potential to dominate at college football?Brendan Schaub. He is an amazing athlete and I think if he wanted to become a ballet dancer he could get it done and look like a badass doing it.

Wikipedia states you fought someone after a challenge in a Louisville, KY. bar? Was this the time that Brock and I were doing our who hits harder tour? I have never been to Kentucky so I do not think I lost a fight in a bar in Kentucky. Gotta love user generated content, I am going to update it with details about how i formed the grand canyon sparring with a bull.

Name one fighter you follow at each of the weight classes in the UFC. My teammates LOL. I think that Forrest at 205, Anderson and Nate at 185, GSP at 170, and BJ Penn but you have to go to www.Shane-Carwin.com to learn more about BJ Penn.

If you were Dane White, which fighter would you allow to fight in any weight class? Unless they add a weight class none of them. Anderson or whomever would get hut badly by the new breed of heavyweights in the UFC. Its not a matter of skill, with 4oz gloves the likely hood of being able to absorb a blow from a person who is almost twice your size and very strong (is very low).

If you fought Fedor, what assets do you have that would pose problems for him?Something I haven’t been able to showcase in any of my fights. I would use my footwork to keep the distance and change angles and ranges and look for my opening.

If you had to corner Brock Lesner against Fedor, what would you tell him?Chin up guard down Brock you got this.

Should the UFC make another division in between Heavyweight and Light-Heavy?Not sure, I think for sure we have some heavyweights that might be able to make it to 205. Ill leave this up to the Commission and Dana.

Thoughts on the Carano v. Cyborg fight?WOW, Gina has a ton of heart but had the wrong game plan. Cyborg was very dominant. I wish it would have lasted a second longer so Gina’a corner could have had a chance to re-evaluate the plan with her. I’d tune in for a rematch after Gina fights someone else.

Name one female MMA fighter who you think would give Cyborg a run for her money?I thought Gina so hard to say. Erin Toughill is very talented and tough and it is MMA so no one is unbeatable.

What’s one thing that women’s MMA needs to do to continue it’s growth?TUF for girls? I don’t know but you have to build the younger female programs up. Starting at a good MMA program for women that has plenty of fights for up and coming female fighters. Then some sort of promotion focusing on this category. If you ever go to a grappling tournament the women’s divisions are usually light.

What’s one misconception people have about MMA fighters balancing two careers?That people somehow think it takes away from my training. Fact is fighters do not train all the time. I have to find something to do with my down time and working is what I like to do.

What is the geekiest thing you’re into?I am an avid Wii Bowler.

Which is cooler a ninja or a samurai?The Ninja because he has those cool shoes for his toes (tabby boots?)

Most recent catchy song you’ve listened to?My engine noise is coming through my speakers so I usually dont listen. MTX Audio is fixing that for me so next interview we can discuss this…

If you do watch UFC, where do you usually watch it?Usually at my home or a friends house. Lately Zuffa has been inviting me and that has been fun too.

Apparently you have huge hands, does it hinder your video game play?Not on the Wii but it may present a problem on the other consoles. Never thought about it. I do have a hard time finding things that fit.

In the media, you seem well spoken and humble…not a lot of talking in general.My mom always says actions speak louder then words. I try to live through my actions.

What percentage of “beef” between fighters is actually authentic?I do not think I have had any beef. I think Gonzaga could be one of the best in the game that was just my night. I have a ton of respect for people that I fight.

Name one situation you would cancel your MMA fight for?FAMILY.

What percentage of MMA fighters have health insurance? Not many but that is why I signed with Magnetic. They build systems where we make money when we are not fighting, when no fights are scheduled. I am constantly receiving checks or as they call it mail box money. That is the mistake that a lot of fighters make they try to cash out every fight, their agents are focused on making them money when they have a fight. What is often missed is that fighters have 90-120 day training camps and they push their bodies beyond its limit. If they get hurt they do not get paid. Some fake the injury and carry it into a fight and others just cannot fight. In those circumstances the fighter loses even if he wins. Magnetic Marketing has been building fighters and they got CB Dollaway and Ryan Bader paid a salary when they were 0-0 in MMA. Then they built those guys into the stars you see today. To me this is what is most important, getting paid for the time when you have nothing going on but training. It’s how you get better.

One thing you’d like to see on MiddleEasy.com?Looks good so far, you guys joined MMAAdnet which makes me happy.

If you had to corner MiddleEasy.com in a fight, what would you tell it?Chin down, guard up and make your content so unique that it is sought after.

Lastly, any shoutouts to anyone or anything?I would like to thank the great people at Magnetic Marketing Associates. MiddleEasy readers and my sponsor Warrior Wear Clothing. Also if you ever need any MMA gear please visit my store at www.shane-carwin.com we carry over 40 MMA brands and have the support of Performancemma.com.

I bought shoes from Footlocker and now I have blisters, will they exchange them?They should, that sound like a fit problem and Footlocker used to pride themselves on fit.
Published on August 26, 2009 at 7:25 am
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