Exclusive interview with King Mo Lawal

Sometimes the MMA world can be filled with a lot of fake BS. Reports of MMA legends dying when they’re alive, false match-ups being announced, UFC Undisputed freezing on me when I’m about to take the belt. That’s why it’s always good to hear from someone that is completely real. King Mo Lawal is exactly how he is on the YouTube clips and that’s a huge compliment. The guy holds a perfect record, traveled the world, hung out with some of the hottest chicks on the planet and still has time to give a shoutout to his boy Daywalker and Ace, the fastest rising pimp in Dallas. King Mo is the real deal and his flawless record shows it. This August he’s going to go toe to toe with MMA Legend Don Frye but before he does, you can read this exclusive interview with King Mo done by our very own D**k ‘Starscream’ Grayson, only at MiddleEasy.com. Because MMA is everything.

You tore your ACL yet you’re fighting in a month, do you have mutant abilities?Yeah man, my daddy was Wolverine. You know what I’m saying?

So you’re good to go for your next fight?I’m strong, I got plenty of time. I heal fast. I feel ready, about 90% and I got another 6 weeks to get that other 10% so I’ll be straight.

Don Frye has been wrestling since you were 3 years old. What’s going on in your head? Don Frye is a good opponent, you know he’s a tough guy…tough man. He has a lot of heart but his wrestling…it was good back then. I don’t know if it has it anymore, I think he lost it. He’s a great pioneer for wrestlers and for the sport of MMA, but his past don’t mean nothing to me. He’s done a lot for me to help me get where I got as a wrestler…but the past is the past, you know what I’m saying? It’s time to make way for the future.

So passing of the torch?Yeah.

So we’ve all seen the video of you and Rampage; Who would win in a fight?Me! I win.

How does King Mo win? By what?By being a smart fighter, just find a way to…the thing is I don’t want to predict anything but I just know as a competitor, I’ve spent lots of years wrestling and competing; you’ve got to find a way to win and that’s what I do, I find a way to win you know what I’m saying? I can’t predict anything, I’m not Ms. Cleo, but I will tell you that I’ll find a way to win.

What advice would you give Rampage if he were fighting Machida?Well first of all, I’d probably try to train him and give him footwork drills because he’s kind of heavy footed. The thing is Machida stylistically poses a lot of problems for Rampage because he moves around real well; he’s a southpaw and he’s a little unorthodox. Rampage is straight forward and has to be stiff to punch. It’s a bad matchup.

You called Lashley ‘Little Mo’. What nicknames have you given to other fighters?Ah man, I don’t even know. That’s a good question. There’s so many I can’t even name them! There’s so many of them dog.

Give us a couple! Give us like 2 or 3 of your best ones!I can’t even think of any right now, y’all caught me on the spot! Should have gave me a heads up!

What do you call Mayhem Miller?Ah man I just call Mayhem, Mayhem. That nigga…I mean that dude is crazy!

I call (Ryo)Chonan ‘Okama-san’

Okama-san?Yeah, that means ‘Gay’. ‘Mr. Gay’. Because I call him gay all the time. He doesn’t like that. That’s a big insult in Japan.

But you guys are cool like that so I guess it’s alrightYeah.

Do you think Lashley can defeat Brock?Yeah. Anybody can be beat; you know what I’m saying? Nobody is invincible. I think if Bobby Lashley is training properly he can probably pull the upset.

Would you ever put on weight to take on Brock?Nah I wouldn’t put on weight, I would just fight him.

You would just fight him!? Nice.Let me tell you something, let me tell y’all this. The person that’s going to beat Brock is going to be a smaller person that can move real well. That’s straight up. Yeah it could be a bigger person or it could be a smaller person that moves real well and has good eyes and can create angles. That’s it.

Carano vs. Cyborg, who takes it?Man I’m going with Cyborg. She got some hands, she’s serious. She’s real athletic, she can go… you know what I’m saying?

Pretend you are Christopher Columbus, what would your description be of Japan?That’s a good question, um…It’s real clean, organized and all the people are kind of weird out there. A lot of different personalities. Everybody’s the same but they all dress so weird, they dress trendy. They’re ahead of their time in fashion.

So you’re King Mo. Who would be your Queen and your Court Jester?Well Queen would be any girl that looks good; you know what I’m saying? I’ll be like a Mormon, I’ll have more than one.

And as a court jester, who’s going to be cracking you up?I think Mike Epps, Bumpage (that’s what he calls Rampage) or Kit Cope.

Now your first name is Muhammad, do you follow Islam?Nah I’m not practicing. No.

How did you sell the guys at Sengoku that you needed an army of fly girls?Well when it came down to that, I figured ‘King Mo’ would be a good name so I figured a king needs queens and why not have a bunch of girls out there like Coming to America. I bit a little bit of everything. Like Coming to America, I have the rose throwing girl, I got dancers and I got an umbrella girl like the old mafia guys do. So you know, I’ve seen a documentary about this boy in the mafia. He had his boy, a henchmen, hold an umbrella over his head; so I figured I might as well do that too.

Do you know the names of the fly girls and are you dating any of them?Ugh, Masayo, Misby, Mindy and…I forgot the other girl’s name…oh, Kun Kun! The reggae dancer. She goes hard. She’s the #1 reggae dancer in Japan but I aint dating none of those girls, they just work for me.

So your women is on time?Yeah, yeah. (This question was a tribute to the late Rudy Ray Moore otherwise known as Dolemite)

Are they going to follow you when you go to M-1 Global in August?Nah, I’m in a different continent so I’m going to have different queens.

In the video, Rampage says he prefers Asian women. What do you prefer?I don’t care. For me, as long as they look good and they’re easy; that’s who I prefer.

Now you’ve won a fight in Japan, what do you do to celebrate?Man you know what…I don’t even celebrate my victories because I expect myself to win so what’s there to celebrate? That’s how I see it.

What’s up with the shoes in the ring?I’m just saving my feet right now because I train barefooted. But I just wear shoes in the ring because I’m going to save my feet for when bigger things come up.

So when shit goes down, shoes come off?Yeah when I have to fight somebody barefooted, I will fight barefooted. That’s not a thing to me. It’s not a big deal at all.

What’s the next movie that you’re souped to watch?Man I want to watch that G.I. Joe.

Any shoutouts?Yeah I’d like to give a shout out to Dr. Ryan Parksons, My brother ‘Bull’, Ace the fastest rising pimp in Dallas, my boy Daywalker, Peanut, all my people in Dallas Forth Worth, Oneal…that’s how it goes down.

Note to self: Before I die, I want to shake ‘Daywalker’s’ hand. That’s now on my bucket list. King Mo is a chill dude and you can catch him eating Boston Market everyday on his Twitter. We wish him good luck in his fight with Don Frye coming up in a few weeks and we hope Ace continues to prosper in the D/FW area. 

Published on June 23, 2009 at 7:10 am
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