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Every time I talk to Jens Pulver my question list goes pretty much out the window. The amount of BS’ing that goes down when I “interview” Jens probably frustrates the collective PR people that always hook us up to talk to him. Last time we talked I was only able to ask him one question regarding his war on the mainland gig and this time I was only able to ask about two questions about his new game, MMA Supremacy before the topic turned to a myriad of subjects including football, Robbie Lawler and of course videogames. If Fedor is known as the baddest man on the planet then Jens is the coolest guy on the planet. Here is our second interview with Jens Pulver only at MiddleEasy.com

Hey Jens, last time we talked you had just quit WoW. Did the new expansion suck you in? Ahhhhh Yeah well, WoW Insider, they did the fame piece or whatever on me again and I’m thinking, you know I cant sit there and talk about something unless I experience it, so I jumped back into the Cataclysm but it’s a good thing because I’m not getting pulled back into any raids and spend all that time, even though it’s incredible. It’s a sweet view, it’s so great to go down there underwater doing all the quests and stuff you know, Deepholme and Uldum, I love Uldum. I haven’t been to the Deadmines yet which I really want to see on the heroic side but I’m really loving it, I think it’s pretty cool, for as long as I have played the game, It’s pretty cool to see this.


You have been a player for 6 years now, how do you feel about the changes? Well it’s definitely different, all the quests I want to do again but it’s tough now man, it takes like 30-35 minutes as a DPS to find a dungeon an you’re puggin, man it’s a nightmare just getting in there and then someones an idiot and then the groups over and you gotta wait another 30 minutes. I want to get in a guild so I can get in these dungeons without problems man, I gotta just roll a tank, they have no wait time they are in like that you know?


Yeah you roll a tank but then you deal with idiot DPS, it’s a vicious cycle Yeah, then you got idiot DPS hitting the wrong target and hitting other NPC’s and then you gotta hope the healer’s not a tard standing in the flaming hair or whatever or whatever or something on the ground, an you’re just lookin at em, target my targets for crying out loud! You know?


I do, I do. We better get back on track… I could talk games all day man.


How many videogames have you been in then? I think this is number 4? Uhhhh, yeah, I believe that is right number 4


Is this the most hands on you have ever been on a game in development? Oh yeah, absolutely, absolutely. This has been a lot of fun, you know I’m a gaming fanatic. I fall short on the technical side of things but I’m here now and everyone is telling me how they are creating this and working on that, Ive never seen anything like this man. I mean, I love the UFC game and I loved going in there and getting scanned but on this one I had to sit there and open my fingers, close my fingers, turn my hand open my fingers, close my fingers. To watch how they are building the characters and building the moves, it’s mind boggling. I was like “wow”


Why should MMA fans buy MMA Supremacy? MMA fans should buy this game because its not a simulated MMA game. It’s not simulated like UFC. I love the UFC game, but this is a fighting game. It’s just like back in the day with Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat. It’s a new style of MMA game, it’s about the characters moving up, unlocking new characters, it’s no holds barred. UFC is tight, it’s built up MMA and made it powerful, but this is a MMA fighting game that is just that, just a game.


Any thoughts on the EA MMA game? It’s alright, I don’t like it as much as the UFC game and the roster, but fighting games for me, it’s always been about the Street Fighters where you play through, become a champion, unlock a character and then do it again you know? The story unfolds for each character, that’s why I like this game. It says MMA on it, but it’s not a simulation it’s a videogame, but if I am playing an MMA game, its UFC. Probably because I’m in it haha.


Name your top 3 games of 2010 Mostly PC, mostly PC. Cataclysm jumped in at the end right there and went ding right up there. Um, Call of Duty, Black Ops. I loved that. I can’t even tell you how much I loved Assassins Creed, on the console, all 3 of em, I hope they throw a fourth one out there so I can play some more.


Yeah, last time we talked you were just on the second one. Yeah, I can’t get too crazy out here, I got my PC but I don’t know about bringing my Playstation down oh man. Bart Paleszewski man, he was showing me a lot of Assassins Creed 3 so I got to play a bit. I want it to come out on the PC but once I can go home and I have time to relax I will dive into it. I’m trying to find time to do it, I just spend so much time training so much everyday I have a lack of free time.


You’re with Team Curran right? I’m here I’m with Team Curran, I live at the gym, you can go to TeamCurran.com or JensPulver.com. Another one you can go to Alienware.com/MMA where we do Lil Evil TV every Wednesday night at 9pm central time, it’s about an hour long show, we bring in guests and stuff and talk games and fighting.. We brought in the founder of Voodoo PC who now works with Microsoft and I tried to get some secrets out of him but no luck, no luck.


Any thoughts on Miletich selling off his gym down in Bettendorf? It was probably time you know what I mean? We all knew when we first started that one day all the little birds are gonna leave the nest at some point. He was always going out there doing these seminars for the military or other gigs like now with Strikeforce, and hes a good commentator, a real good commentator. So it was time to move outta there, all the fighters, they are all grown up now we all moved out,Jeremy Horn is up in Utah , I’m out here, Matt has his own gym, Robbie Lawler goes to a camp and Tim Sylvia does the same thing. You know, the time has come and it’s over.


Do you have Robbie over Jacare? I have Robbie Lawler over anybody. I love Robbie Lawler, I love him. The Bob, that’s what I call him, The Bob. I would love to see him win. I know he is working hard, working on his wrestling incredibly, so, it’s gonna be hard to take him down, and if you cant take him down you don’t want to be up for too long or you better watch out or wham you are out.


Who do you have in the Super Bowl? (Long pause) You know…It broke my heart the Colts lost, that’s my team, but it kind of gave me a charge because my little brother is from Seattle and man, I don’t know, I thought in that division it was gonna be the Rams, and they looked a little rugged, but then they make the playoffs and after seeing what they did to the Saints…Lets go, lets go Seahawks, lets see what they do.


Whats that? Living out here I find myself becoming more and more of a Bear fan, I have a dear friend who is becoming a better friend every day I love him I think he’s incredible, you may have heard of his dad, Walter Payton.


Dude, you can’t be like that, you’re in Chicago right now, they are playing each other, is everyone at the gym gonna give you a hard time? They can’t give me a hard time. Here’s the thing, I will sit there quietly and watch the game of the Chicago Bears…Now here’s the irony and here is the fun part of that: living in Chicago right now, you know whats even more cool?


Uh, yeah. I was being sarcastic, yeah, his son Jared Payton is really getting me to support this Chicago team and again, my Colts are out so I want to see good football and if Chicago goes, great. If Seattle goes, I know my brother will be happy so its kind of win win for me so I’m gonna just sit back and watch it.


I have a quick Walter Payton story. My Dad was visiting a business partner, real rich dude, he just so happened to live next to Walter Payton. He brings my Dad over to Paytons house, Walter greets them at the door, brings them inside, they go to a room that is about the size of my apartment filled with NFL regulation balls, he signs one for me, throws my dad the keys to his Lamborghini and tells him to take it around the block for fun. Walter Payton, amazing guy. See, the more I’m out here the more I hear of him and you know what? He never thought he was famous, back then there was no Internet and stuff and only when he got sick and started receiving all the mail from overseas and everywhere did he realize. It was the first time he realized how big he really was. He never thought about that. He never thought he was famous, he just thought he was a regular guy who loved playing football and was extremely good at it. He never thought of himself as famous and he can’t go out because of it…Unfortunately it was a bad situation but all the mail that came when he got sick made him realize that he really did do something amazing. Its real cool to hear that.


Who is going to take the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP? (long pause) I don’t know. I don’t know. Anything can happen so what I think I will do is just sit back and just watch. I mean, can anyone beat the big boy?


You mean Fedor? Yeah, I don’t think anyone can beat him. He got caught, he did get caught with that armbar but he has so many wins you know? His only loss before that was a cut way back in Rings and it was his only loss until he got caught with that armbar. So now it might be a little more intimidating, this guy gets beat doing what he does after all these years, now after a loss you have to fight him? He might come back out and just rock someone. You know, and even in the heavyweight division where he is smaller and doesn’t have that massive build he’s just the baddest man on the planet you know? I think he’s gonna come back fired up.
Published on January 19, 2011 at 6:08 am
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