EXCLUSIVE: Dominick Reyes Rips ‘Weirdo’ Jon Jones For Inactivity: ‘Either Retire Or Fight Again’

Reyes rants about 'Bones' being inactive for two years.

Dom Reyes
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Dominick Reyes tells Jon Jones to ‘make up his mind’ when it comes to the fight game. 

We haven’t seen the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion in action for quite some time now. Jones last fought in Feb. 2020, where he picked up a controversial decision win against Reyes. Since going the distance with ‘The Devastator’, Jones would vacate his championship and shifted his focus on heavyweight gold.

All Talk

It’s been almost three years now and we still have yet to see ‘Bones’ return to the Octagon. Reyes, his last opponent, would rip Jones for his long-layoff antics which includes taking jabs at prominent fighters such as Israel Adesanya.

“Talk about a guy full of shit,” Reyes said of Jon Jones in an interview with Middle Easy. “He’s a f*cking weirdo man. I don’t like the guy, he’s just weird. He just talks always, anytime anyone else gets any kind of attention, whether it’s Izzy, whether it’s fricking a bantamweight a featherweight, whoever it is. He wants to chime in like he’s relevant and just talk sh*t. Anybody’s doing well and they’re speaking about that person, he’s just not cool with it. He’s like, No, I’m the best ever. Like, f*ck you guys.”

‘People Are Getting Tired Of You’

Reyes thinks he and the people have had enough of Jones. He also believes the former light heavyweight kingpin has ‘tarnished his legacy’ ever since they fought at UFC 247.

“Jon, either retire or fight again,” Reyes continued. “You could have that real conversation and either become like somebody like a former greatest of all time and have that clout and walk around as that. But, your career is over. Are you just gonna be this guy on the sidelines talking sh*t about everybody all the time? People are getting tired of you. I feel like everything he’s doing now and he’s done since our fight has tarnished his legacy.

Reyes Doesn’t Believe Jones Will Fight In 2022

Jones has reportedly shown interest in returning at UFC 282 on Dec. 10. But, the clock is quickly ticking down to that fight date. With that said, Reyes doubts Jones will be back before the end of the year.

“I don’t think he’s gonna fight again this year,” Reyes said. “But then, who knows? I think he’ll start in early 2023. It’s been so long since he fought, um, since we fought. That whole literally running from me, saying he doesn’t get paid enough to fight me again. The whole deal was complete joke. Then, getting arrested again multiple times and like, dude, make up your mind. 

“I don’t know who he’s training with. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what they’re, you know, what’s going on. I don’t really care, to be honest. It’s just like, either just get on the sidelines permanently or get in the game. What are you gonna do?

“He’s exciting, he’s Jon Jones. He’s the greatest light heavyweight of all time… with an asterisk because he did steroids, because he’s a scumbag. He’s still the greatest of all time, he still beat everyone technically.”

Unlike Jon Jones, Dominick Reyes is back against Ryan Spann at UFC 281 on Nov. 12.

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