Movsar Evloev Outclasses, Bloodies Dan Ige – UFC Vegas 56 Results (Highlights)

Evloev remained undefeated with a dominant performance over Ige in the UFC Vegas 56 co-main event.

Movsar Evloev

A featherweight bout between Dan Ige and Movsar Evloev is taking place now (Saturday, June 4, 2022) at UFC Vegas 56.

Round 1

Ige with an early jab. Evloev responds with a leg kick. Ige connects with a one two blitz that backs Evloev up. Evloev with another leg kick and follows it up with a jab. Evloev starts to become more active. Evloev eats a leg kick but lands a one two in the process. Evloev with a front kick to the body before missing a spinning wheel kick. Ige doubles up on a jab. Ige with a nice body shot but Evloev lands flush with a counter knee. Ige is busted up a bit as he backs up. Evloev with a right hand. He shoots and gets Ige down. He has Ige’s back but Ige gets to his feet. Evloev slams him down before Ige gets up and lands a nice reverse elbow. Ige gets taken down again, gets to his feet but remains controlled. Ige reverses the position but is clinched up against the fence. He separates with 30 seconds remaining. Evloev attacks the body and finishes with a jab to end the round.

Round 2

Ige blocks a head kick. Ige is putting the pressure on. Evloev accidentally pokes Ige’s eye as the action momentarily stops. Ige is marching forward but struggling to land big shots. Evloev shows good movement. Evloev lands another knee that is partially blocked. Ige with a big leg kick. Evloev is now putting the pressure on with volume. Ige is throwing back but isn’t landing anything big. Evloev times a takedown well off a jab and is on top of a bloody Ige now. Evloev lands a big elbow and ends the round strong.

Round 3

Evloev once again manages to get Ige down, but does it early this time. Ige gets to his feet but remains controlled by Evloev who eventually gets him to the ground. Ige is trying his best but he has virtually been ragdolled this round so far. Evloev lands some strikes from the top. Ige scrambles and attempts a triangle but can’t get Evloev off him. However, Ige scrambles and has 30 seconds to get a finish. Evloev takes him down soon after and this should be a wrap now.

Official Result: Movsar Evloev defeats Dan Ige via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27).

Check out the highlights below:

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