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Everybody wins in this crazy violent double KO video

Everybody wins in this crazy violent double KO video

So that’s why Shonie Carter spontaneously did the cabbage patch dance in his living room! In mixed martial arts less is never more. How is that even mathematical possible?

Miles away from this actual double knockout chills ran through the body of Carter and caused him to mark out for no apparent reason at the exact moment these two dude’s chins failed them.

In what appears to be an amateur MMA fight where guys still have to compete (and probably swim) with their shirts still on.  The guy on the red team is rivals with the guy on the blue team because they cannot agree which color is better or their teams were matched up against one another.

Marvel at the rare double knockout MMA caught in the wild. Don’t be too loud or it will scurry off under the cage where no one can see it. 

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