Every single finish in the pro/amateur career of Ronda Rousey in one video

Ronda Rousey MMA finishes

Well except Charmaine Tweet. Still, Ronda Rousey’s MMA career was a masterclass in violent finishes. From 2010 to 2015, Ronda Rousey subbed or TKO’d 15 straight fighters in her amateur and pro career.

Only one fighter made it out of the second round versus Rousey during that span.

For fans who just caught onto the MMA train due to Conor McGregor, you missed most of the Rousey Era. It was fun times and thanks to to this new video we can relive it all.

Two years after she captured the bronze medal in Judo for Team USA, an unassuming Rousey took her first amateur fight. Rousey’s first amateur fight lasted all of 23 seconds and the 23-year-old fighter was on her way to make MMA history.

Does the UFC adopt four brand new women’s weight classes without Ronda Rousey? Eventually, sure but not as quickly and with much as a marketing push behind it. Rousey took the MMA world by storm and then left as soon she was done with it. On to the next challenge in her life.

Those five years were some of the best MMA has ever seen. We still miss Strikeforce and we miss watching Rousey win fights that fit on a Vine (R.I.P Vines).

With apologies to Hayden Munoz, Autumn Richardson, Taylor Stratford, Ediane Gomes, Charmaine Tweet, Sarah D’Alelio, Julia Budd, Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman, Liz Carmouche, Miesha Tate (hi again), Sara McMann, Alexis Davis, Cat Zingano and Bethe Correia, this video is not for you.

Here are all 15 of Ronda Rousey’s pro and amateur career MMA finishes in one convenient video.

Update 1: We found the Hayden Munoz footage

Update 2: Sorry Charmaine Tweet

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  1. Tommy Messano, can you imagine if RRR hadn’t moved into MMA? Even to this day there wouldn’t have been women fighting in the UFC. It took a lot for Dana White to make that decision. RRR had just won the Strikeforce bantamweight championship and she had a sit down discussion with Dana which change the course of history with women fighting in the UFC. Many people saw RRR with her friends discussing Ronda would “get” Dana to change his mind on women fighting in the UFC. There is that funny video of the girls (The 4 horsewomen) saying “Ronda going to get ya…repeat”. Who else could have convinced Dana to change a life long view point on women fighting in the UFC. It was her bigger than life personality and along with an amazing skill set. A skill set that was still evolving even with her losses. It was her loyalty that got her into trouble. Most people were aware she should have change camps. There was much that could have been done that would have made a difference but that is the past and RRR doesn’t look back and with no apologizes! We may hear her reflect on her career sometime in the future but it will be on her terms. Ronda’s mantra has always been “love me or hate me but have an opinion”.

    Bellator success with women fighting is also contributed to Ronda’s success. As we all know that Bjorn Rebney removed women from fighting in Bellator but after the success with Ronda fighting in Strikeforce and the UFC, a much more friendly visionary Scott Coker saw the writing on the wall and added featherweight, flyweight and some strawweight fighters and many other promotions stepping up their game with women fighting. The big “Boom” in women fighting in mma is climbing very quickly.

    For the sport of mma to grow bigger, you have to have women competing. There are more women competing in combat sports (wrestling, judo, bjj and a variety of other martial arts) today nationally and internationally. Women’s wrestling is close to being accepted into the NCAA. Women will be viewing the sport of mma because of the exposure of RRR. What has happen here in the good old USA is happening in every major country on this planet. All the reporters were asking women in combat sport at 2016 Olympics, if they were interested in competing in mma! It is just a matter of time and when all is said about it…it will be RRR that will be the focal point of why women made that move. With the UFC opening up a UFC P.I. in China, watch the huge number of talented Chinese women come forward as well as the men.

    Ronda’s move to WWE will also continue open the eyes for women around the world to other possibilities. Look at all the women in mma that are talking about considering WWE because of Ronda. It just isn’t just the women but the men also. They see what a visionary fighter like Ronda has done…people will hate Ronda for her success but again but that is what she has always stated…”Love me or Hate me”. It bring eyes to the show.

    When all is said and done, cooler heads will realize Ronda sacrifice to put herself out there and acknowledge her success in the field of mma. Ronda has done what other women were to afraid to do! Stand in the light and claim victory…even when we all knew it was impossible! That light shined pretty bright for a long time. Without RRR, we may not have seen women compete in mma for several more years to come and maybe not at the level we see them compete at today!

    Only time will tell how the world will view RRR but Ronda isn’t waiting around and she is living her best life! There is many more chapters to come! 🙂


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