Eugene Bareman ‘Can’t Vibe’ With Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones Beef

Coach Eugene Bareman Not Sold On The Idea Of Israel Adesanya Fighting Jon Jones After Recent Trash Talk About Parents

Eugene Bareman
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It seems that a fight is truly brewing between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya. However Izzy’s coach, Eugene Bareman does not care for the way the beef has been shaping up lately.

According to both Adesanya and Bareman, if the middleweight champ were to face Jones, it would have to be a team decision. That being said, this has done nothing to stop both fighters from talking trash to each other for years, constantly pumping up their rivalry. Even with Jon announcing his intent to move to heavyweight, the two still seem interested in fighting each other, especially in the immediate aftermath of Adesanya’s recent win over Paulo Costa, with the former light heavyweight king firing shots during and after the fight.

Eugene Bareman Not Happy With Beef Between Adesanya and Jones

Most recently, things took a bit of an ugly turn in the beef between Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones, where the topic of Jon’s deceased mother being brought up. This is something that Izzy’s coach, Eugene Bareman is not particularly fond of. Speaking with Submission Radio, he explained that he is not very comfortable with the direction of this rivalry, and he is still on the fence about whether or not he wants his pupil to take this fight right now.

“Bringing parents into it, it’s like… I can’t vibe with this, to be honest,” Bareman explained. “I can’t vibe with this whole thing, that’s why I try to ignore it. Especially if you’re telling me their bringing parents into it, it’s like I come from a different era where you can’t talk like that about your opponent, because if you did you’d never make it to the fight. You would be having the fight before the actual fight, and there wouldn’t ever end up being an actual contest in the ring. That’s the era that I come from.”

Bareman goes on to explain that he recognizes that things are different nowadays, in terms of acceptable trash talk. Therefore he chooses to stay out of it. As far as the fight with Jones goes, Eugene is not sure of Jon’s motivations, but says that Israel wants this fight no matter what.

“I don’t know Jon Jones from a bar of soap, to be honest,” Bareman said. “There may be a side of him that’s just insanely jealous that this new guy’s coming into the scene and stealing what he perceives is his thunder. There could be the fact that he’s just a really great businessman, and he knows how to build fights, and he knows how to make money, and he’s aiming at long money. It’s not necessarily a fight that’s in front of him now, he’s building a nest egg for him in a couple years. Or it could be that he’s just a d–k and it’s just his personality and that’s just the way he is.

“Honestly it’s all speculation, but Israel is set on doing that fight,” Bareman went on. “As long as the blessing of his team, his group of coaches including me, he has got his heart set on doing that fight. It doesn’t matter where Jon goes, if he goes to heavyweight, goes to light heavyweight, if he goes up and loses two fights three fights, wins the next three fights. Israel has his heart set on that fight. Yeah, that fights going to happen, just not sure when.”

Is Israel Adesanya Ready To Fight Jon Jones?

When it comes to giving his blessing, Eugene Bareman says that he feels that Adesanya is just about ready for the fight. On the other hand, he makes it clear that there are other people will be a part of the decision too.

“I’m only one part of the decision making process,” Bareman explained. “We have a group of coaches and we also have one of the best management teams in the world who are also a part of the decision making process for me. But he’s almost there, yeah. Some of the other coaches might agree or disagree with me, but yeah, he’s almost there. But it’s not just about them. That’s not the only factor in the decision. There’s some pretty clear goals before Jon Jones was even mentioned, that as a team we set ourselves to achieve, and we’re not going to move those goals because someone wants a fight or something. We have to achieve those things, we have to do what we set out to do as a team first.

“At the end of the day, that fight will always be there,” Bareman continued. “But some of the goals and stuff, we have to achieve and knock off the list. I can only answer my part of the question, yeah if we needed to fight that fight in the next six months, then I would be happy to do that. But again, that’s a team decision, that’s how we work.”

Do you think Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya will be fighting soon? Do you agree with what Eugene Bareman said about their trash talk?

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