ESPN+ Is Raising From $6.99 To $9.99 In August

Disney is raising their prices

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ESPN+ is getting bumped up to nearly ten dollars.

It is expensive to be an MMA fan; it just is. From a monthly subscription to watch UFC fight nights to paying nearly $100 for a pay-per-view.

Hiking the price

On Friday, Bloomberg was first to report that Disney is raising the price of ESPN+ from $6.99 to $9.99.

According to the article, “Starting Aug. 23, the cost of an ESPN+ subscription will jump to $9.99 a month from $6.99, or to $99.99 a year from $69.99. ESPN says the price increase reflects the growing amount of live sports and original programming on the streaming service.”

The article states that the Disney, Hulu, ESPN bundle will not change in the immediate future

“The new price structure could encourage more people to buy Disney’s bundle of streaming services. That bundle, which includes ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu, costs $13.99 a month, or $4 more than the new standalone price of ESPN+. The bundle’s price will not change for now.”

$1000 a year

MMA reporter Shaheen Al-Shatti pointed out on his Twitter that to watch the UFC, fans are paying more than $1000 a year.

When the UFC-ESPN deal began in 2019, the cost of being a UFC fan was $59.99 PPVs and a $4.99 ESPN+ subscription: $779.76 per year.

3 years later: $74.99 PPVs and a $9.99 ESPN+ sub: $1,019.76 per year.

More than $1,000 per year just to follow the sport at a base level.”

As I said, it is expensive to be an MMA fan, and it is only going to get worse.

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