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ESPN features MMA’s hottest free agent, street super hero turned fighter Phoenix Jones

ESPN features MMA’s hottest free agent, street super hero turned fighter Phoenix Jones

Fact, mixed martial arts needs more super heroes. When two EA UFC create-a-fighters are jabbing each other for 15 minutes on a Fight Pass undercard, the MMA world needs a super hero. When the World Series of Fighting is doing WSOF stuff on a random Saturday afternoon, it would be better if some of those men fought crime at night. When Bellator needs a warm body to feel up Spike TV allotted air time, it would be cool if that warm body wore a cape to the ring.

Contrary to popular belief there are still ways to make two dudes locked in a cage more exciting than it already is. In the Pacific Northwest Ben Fodor is a nice 5-0-1 welterweight MMA prospect with big league potential. At night Fodor turns into Phoenix Jones. He dons a mask, wears a bulletin proof custom black and yellow suit, and roams the streets of Seattle on a mission to stop crime.

ESPN SportsCenter Featured recently highlighted the life and times of Phoenix Jones/Ben Fodor. The leader of the Rain City super hero group, Jones has already got a ton of publicity as MMA’s first super hero. Overall with crime down in the Seattle metropolis, Jones next mission as a super hero is to save the MMA world from oversaturation and shoulder shrugs.

A plea and or light projection Phoenix signal goes out to all MMA promos across the globe; sign Phoenix Jones and make sure he has a cool zip line and pyrotechnics for his first walk to the cage for your promotion.

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