ESPN and Stubhub really want you to watch Frank ‘Fir’ vs. Anthony Perosh at UFC 119

Every time I come back for a refill of macaroni salad & roast beef, the guy who runs the deli counter of my local supermarket spends at least thirty minutes ranting about how much he misses Pride. We have long-winded conversations about Wallid Ismail and soccer kicks until other customers get tired of holding their triangular numbered-tickets and start complaining to hurry up. How this dude can multi-task the way he does is rare. He could be working in a lawfirm, but instead, he makes my supermarket visits fun.

Everyone loves MMA, some people just don’t know it yet. I try telling people this on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the folks at StubHub have yet to realize that they’re genetically pre-disposed to being infatuated with combat sports and they have subsequently taken as little effort as humanly possible to create their UFC 119 banner that’s currently sitting on ESPN’s main page.

That may look like Frank Mir, but that’s actually his Hispanic doppelganger Frank “Fir”. Also, that guy that looks like Anthony Perosh will pretend to be CroCop. If you go to ESPN’s main page and scroll to bottom left ad, you will still see this banner that directs you to StubHub where you can buy tickets to this fight. For those of you who have already bought tickets, if you do happen to meet Frank “Fir” tell him we’re big fans.

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