ESFL Returns With The Best Xbox EA UFC 3 Players In The World Throwing Down

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If you don’t already know, ESFL is the premier competitive EA UFC gaming league. All across the world, players that believe they’re good enough boot up EA UFC 3 and throw their hat in the digital Octagon in an attempt to replace their now thrown-away hat with a crown. A crown that designates them as a champion. A god.

For years, the digital MMA community has grown, but with the growth comes clear proof that the best fighters from EA MMA and the UFC THQ games are still training, still some of the best around. Now, in EA UFC 3, they are proving their dominance. Until the next badass comes along. That’s what we may see this week.

Here’s this Sunday’s card.

1.) EK Suspect Zero vs. Declan9797 LHW
2.) NWO Peyton vs. Rxplayss FW
3.) MoJoezzz vs. JRog67 WW
4.) LTKCapt Lust v2 vs. EK Till LW
5.) Susp3nsa v2 vs. SpikeKing187 LHW
6.) EK Darth vs. Qxlv WW
7.) Coty Dankh vs. Bone Doin Work FW
8.) NWO Lexar vs. RamblingRager FW
9.) EK Preacher vs. TrentGotBanned WW
10.) Onzahh vs. Der Dusel LW
11.) ll Prodigys ll vs. EK DaltonJr2019 LW
12.) Pryoxis vs. T4H Recognize WW

And here are the rankings as they currently stand in ESFL’s Xbox division (which is extremely competitive).

Xbox Division top 15 as of June 14th

+ indicates a move up in rank

= Indicates no move in rank

– Indicates a drop in rank

[C] Brand New Mac (8-3) (W5) last active: ESFL 25 +

[1] LemusKhan (10-2) (W3) Last active: ESFL 25 =

[2] Kenetic NRG (8-2) (L1) Last active: ESFL 25 –

[3] XxCrooks209xx (5-2) (W1) Last active: ESFL 25 +

[4] Prodigys (7-5) (W2) Last Active: ESFL 25 +

[5] Pryoxis (7-3) (L1) Last active: ESFL 23 –

[6] Jigsaw (5-1) (W1) Last active: ESFL 23 –

[7] Onzahh (7-5) (L1) last active: ESFL 25 –

[8] T4H Recognize (4-2) Last active: ESFL 23 –

[9] Coty Dankh (7-4) (W2) Last active: ESFL 25 +

[11] Cage Wavey (5-2) (W1) Last Active: ESFL 25 +

[12] EK Preacher (5-5) (L1) Last active: ESFL 25

[13] I punched Santa (3-2) (L1) Last active: ESFL 23 –

[14] EK Mr Chick3n (4-2) (L2) Last Active: ESFL 21

[15] NWO Lexar (5-5) (L3) Last active: ESFL 25

Don’t miss out – every Sunday at 8pm cst the best EA UFC 3 fighters in the world throw down!

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