Erik Apple talks about the time when Jenna Jameson made-out with him to make Tito Ortiz jealous

‘Jennito’ is the name we’ve given any news that includes Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz in regards to alleged domestic violence and (or) a ‘betrayal in a relationship’. Jennito, because we’re too lazy to type ‘Jenna and Tito’. The history of the entire English language is just a voyage into linguistic laziness. The fact that it’s acceptable to use ‘it’s’ instead of ‘it is’ is just a testament to our obsession with combining words. The English language is the equivalent of 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. Tito Ortiz knows all too well what it is to utilize the English language to let the world know exactly how he feels about his on-and-off girlfriend, Jenna Jameson.

In a trip to Graciefighter OC yesterday, Erik Apple talked to us about the time when Jenna Jameson met him at a party and intentionally made out with him in order to make Tito Ortiz jealous.

Update: At the request of Erik Apple, the video has been removed. You can follow Erik Apple on Twitter if you have any questions. Here’s what Apple said on the UG just moments ago.

Just an FYI, I have asked MiddleEasy to take all this down. Its drama. And I am over it. I may not like Tito, but they have kids. And because of that I feel bad. And this has turned into a big deal over nothing.

Im a smartass and thought it was funny to kiss Jenna. Thats it. It didnt go beyond that. I kissed lots of other girls that day and night. LOL. So leave it be. Like I said, Im not putting this story out there, and I have deleted the pic from my twitter.

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