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Epic Bones/Rampage press conference was epic

Epic Bones/Rampage press conference was epic

The UFC 135 presser just went down in Denver with Rampage Jackson starting the war of words with a not very pleased UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Lots of funny things were said but I forgot to press record on my audio capture thingy, so I had to head to the UG, where Cyril Jeff thankfully transcribed some of the juicy portions of the conference. Read on.

reporter to Jones: “Are you going to be wrestling?”

Rampage interupts:”You already know, nobody stands with me!”
“I respect you Dawg, but you fought a rusty Shogun man, just keeping it real!”

Jones:”There’s always excuses…” “They’ll say I fought the movie star Rampage instead of the Pride Rampage…”

Rampage:”I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always got atleast 3 (excuses) when I lose!”

*crowd laughs*

Jones:”Thinking of any (excuses) now?”

Rampage:”I’m not going to need any Dawg, but you gonna need a lot!”

Then the two fighters faced off:

This is awesome. Thanks to IronForgesIron for the gif.


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