Enter our ‘Design a Shirt, Save Japan’ Contest! 100% profit going to the ‘Save The Children’ charity

Get out your pens, pencils and illegally pirated copies of Adobe Photoshop out because it’s time to save some lives.

An estimated 100,000 children have been displaced after Japan’s colossal earthquake that rocked the entire country, forever. In fact, according to The Guardian, about 25% of the 1,200 people sleeping on cardboard mats at one shelter in Sendai are children, many of them with disabilities. Some of these children have been separated from their family for up to a week and with lack of proper nutrition and societal instability, their lives may be permanently scarred with psychological trauma. With this design contest, we’re doing our best to raise enough money to provide children with the proper counseling and therapy in order to recover from the trauma of what they have experienced.

Now this is where you come in.

All of you remember our ‘Design a Shirt‘ contest sponsored by VXRSI last year. The entries were phenomenal and it was nearly impossible to pick from the plethora of quality designs we had. Grab all of your artsy designer buddies and let’s make this happen again, but this time you will be saving Japan.

Update: And the winner of our ‘Design a Shirt, Save Japan’ contest is…

Contest Rules:

We want you to design a Japanese themed MMA shirt. If you want to incorporate MiddleEasy and VXRSI in the shirt, that’s good — but it’s not a requirement. We’re just concerned with Japan at the moment, we’ll get our brand/logo fix some other time. Creatively, the contest is pretty open so there are as little restrictions as possible. Refrain from using nudity, brash political statements or racist innuendo (in other words, don’t be an [expletive]). Stay away from using copyrighted material in your design. Be sure your design is created in the appropriate size in 300 DPI and is in CMYK colors. A winner will be selected based on sheer jaw-dropping rawesomeness. VXRSI will then work with the winner to get their concept/design/idea slapped on a shirt and then be sold directly on VXRSI.com and WorldOverEasy.com for a limited time only. Also, 100% of the profit will be donated to Save The Children.

The top 20 entries will receive three freshly cut MiddleEasy vinyl stickers to slap wherever they deem fit.

Submission Rules:

Submit your VXRSI/MiddleEasy shirt design as a jpeg/gif not measuring more than 600px wide and no larger than 250kb. If it’s a winner, we’ll ask for the actual production files. Feel free to place whatever watermark you would like on your design if think someone out there is going to steal it and build their entire clothing company around your t-shirt concept. All designs must be submitted to [email protected]. All designs submitted become property of VXRSI and MiddleEasy.com.


Don’t worry, we got you. The VXRSI and MiddleEasy vector logo can be downloaded here. Using the logo(s) is not required.


Since this is somewhat of an urgent matter, you don’t have that much time to enter. Contest ends March 25th 2011. Winners will be announced on March 26th. If you have a question or concerns, contact [email protected].

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