Enson Inoue wants you to buy a bracelet to save Japan

Last week, an 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit New York & I [b]completely missed it[/b] because I was incapacitated in front of the Kimchi Taco Truck. My lunch was immediately interrupted by a dozen text messages asking if I was all right and I had no clue what everyone was talking about.  While the thought of an earthquake is frightening to most, New Yorkers assumed it was the subway system shaking the ground and continued about their business.  Had the earthquake been any less powerful, we’d chalk it up the annoying neighbor and bed-bug infestation that comes standard the overpriced rent.

The people of Japan were not as fortunate the people of NYC, and Enson Inoue wants to help the relief effort by selling you one of his handmade rosary bracelets.  While they may not be cheap, you’d be supporting people who are still in dire need, and will continue to need aid until Ken Shamrock decides to retire from MMA.

Take a look at all of the bracelets and Rosaries here.

Props to Lana for the find.

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