Enough of this debate, I dropped $1,000 on Shogun Rua and here’s why…

So I’m a sucker for good looks and a chiseled face. Just kidding, I’m straight. No really, I am. Sure I downloaded every episode of ‘The Bachelor’ this season, but I really love women — and only women. Alright, who am I kidding…everyone loves Shogun. Not in the ‘high mark of admiration’ way that one would expect, but people really love Shogun Rua. However, I’m not going to let a minor bromance get in the way of me and $1,000. So before I decided that I needed to irresponsibly drop a ridiculous amount on Shogun Rua at UFC 128 using , I decided to find a truly scientific reason why I should fork over $1,000 in favor of Shogun.

Luckily, I found exactly what I needed. Just minutes ago, ESPN’s ‘Sports Science’ released a new episode on YouTube that depicts just how fast and hard Shogun Rua strikes. It was as if the gods of MMA betting were shining down upon me. Check out this clip of Sports Science admitting Shogun Rua’s strikes were the most powerful ever recorded in studio.


Science and MMA? I was sold. Like a young college physicist with a debilitating gambling addiction, I rushed over to to place the max bet of $1,000 that Shogun Rua will defeat Jon Bones Jones at UFC 128. Don’t worry you skeptics, I even have visual proof that it happened as illustrated from these screenshots of the online console.

There you have it. If Shogun grabs the W this weekend, I will have a total of $2,550 to lug around town like a proud parent. Wait, what’s that…you want $1,000 placed in your pocket to bet on UFC 128 this Saturday? Alright, sure. Come back tomorrow for details. Trust me, you will want to get in on this.

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