Eminem Fears Ronda Rousey

Formerly controversial recording artist Eminem is not afraid to name drop celebrities to attract attention, that much we know. The guy built a career out of drawing in mass media attention what feels like a million years ago. In a way, he was the Marilyn Manson of hip hop, by grabbing the mass media with images of violence and explicit sex and stirring up fake controversies.

People are still into Eminem, as we can tell by the fact that MMA fighters still use Eminem songs for entrance tracks on a fairly regular click. So we can’t really hate here, but he’s still going strong in 2014 and apparently he’s a big fan of Ronda Rousey. Not in a Floyd Mayweather, “Who is Ron Da Rousey?” kind of way, but in a way that he is apparently scared of her, so scared that he wouldn’t have sex with her.

Note that this is all being pieced together by someone reading through lyrics and reading other people’s comments on this stuff, because I’m no Nick Robertson when it comes to keeping up with slang, folks. I’m no Nick Robertson.

The lyrics are as such.

I got a Magic Johnson

It’s like a Magic Wand allows me to not let a blonde arouse me

If Ronda Rousey was on the couch with the condoms out

Holding a thousand Magnums at once to pounce me

I’ll laugh in response to how she dances and flaunts it around me

Her flat little badonkadonk is bouncing around

And all I see is Paulie Malignaggi, she’s slaughterhouse in a blouse

Apparently Slaughterhouse is a hip hop supergroup, so that is how it’s showing fandom for Rousey. I think? Dear god, I’m old.

I guess the only question left is this; is the Eminem curse still a thing? If so, does it rub off on Ronda? [props to BE]


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