Video: EFN 53 Had Metal Theme Song, Multiple German Suplexes and an Army of Jokers

Ok, so today’s EFN didn’t have an orchestra or a massive, spider singing Christina Aguilera covers. However, it was not absent of amazing things. Matter of fact, it has a new theme song performed by what I can only assume are Russian dudes that are massive System of a Down fans. Fight Night! Fight Night! Could this be the new Face the Pain? It is simplistic, yet dynamic.

That’s not all, in addition to the always exciting fights at EFN, you got this dude doing his best Chris Benoit impression. He couldn’t manage to do three German Suplexes in a row, but these two are good enough.

The best thing though? A fighter walking out as the Joker and with an army of other Jokers like it was Emenem at the 2000 MTV VMAs. There’s nothing else that can really be said about that. The comparison pretty much fucking nails it.

Watch the entrance below.

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