EFC Africa wants you to check out their latest show footage for free

If you missed the live stream of EFC Africa 9 on Youtube on June 30th, you can stop pouting and wallowing around the house popping celexa pills and listening to My Chemical Romance all day, every day. EFC has released every single one of the fights from that night on Youtube for all of you slackers to watch for free. That’s so considerate of those EFC guys. None of you were going to get any work done today anyway-it’s Friday afterall. So take a break from searching for new people to cybercreep on Google+ and check out some African MMA. Here’s some footage to whet your fight appetite from the bout that recieved the ‘Knock out of the Night’ award between fighters Wade Groth and Ashley Calvert. You can check out the rest of the fights on EFC AFRICA’s Youtube channel.

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