Eduardo Pamplona makes his Strikeforce debut this Friday, and will terrorize the middleweight division shortly thereafter

It’s hard to bring up Eduardo Pamplona without mentioning that scene in Apocalypto where that guy gets his head chopped off. That essentially describes the entire movie. It’s just a non-stop set of sequences where people’s heads get lopped off with a few jaguars thrown in there. Pamplona looks like he could have wandered on set, grabbed a knife and ride shotgun with the antagonist. If you’ve seen any of the M-1 Challenges where Eduardo throws his hands down and lets guys tee-off on his face, then you are already fully aware that his chin is constructed of adamantium. If nuclear testing ever came back in style (let’s hope not), the government could use the ridge of his chin to detonate hydrogen bombs. If that were true, Pamplona would die of radiation poisoning and it would be a sad day in MMA. Let’s just hope the government stays the hell away from Eduardo Pamplona’s chin, leave that to Jerron Peoples.

Strikeforce just announced that a bout between Eduardo Pamplona and Jerron Peoples will serve as a preliminary bout for this Friday’s Strikeforce Challengers 16 card. This will mark Pamplona’s fourth return to the USA, and this time everyone will simultaneously witness just how raw Eduardo Pamplona really is. He has ‘Jesus’ tattooed on his stomach so he won’t forget his next opponent.

The card will also feature a televised bout between Jason High and Quinn Mulhern, a bout that you definitely don’t want to miss. Trust me on this one. [Source]

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