Eduardo Pamplona is bringing his adamantium chin to Ohio

I should be sitting here at work enjoying my spicy tuna roll sushi lunch and partaking in a little UFC 128 press conference watching but I’m not. Thanks to my fascist mma and social network hating employer I can now add the UFC/ site to my list of websites that do nothing more than display the IS department’s version of the middle finger salute with a big giant red flashing ‘access denied’ sign.  If Middleeasy ever gets banned, I’ll give them the real middle finger salute and sing them my rendition of Johnny Paycheck’s “You can take this job and shove it” on my way out the door. All this internet censorship and blockage is making me wonder if the door to my work building is not really a door afterall, but  instead some hyper portal that places me in the middle of a North Korean government office instead of my own.

Now my work door might not actually be a portal to Kim Jong-il’s office of doom, but I’m pretty sure the moment you cross the city limits of Parma, Ohio you have entered a portal into the year 1989. There is some strange inability for a large number of the people there to let go of the permed mullet, acid wash jeans and Motley Crue t-shirts. As a matter of fact, the last time I was there I saw plenty of people still wearing pagers on the waistband of their Jake the Snake style baggy wrestling pants. I shouldn’t just single out Parma though-that’s pretty much most of Cuyahoga County. Some sort of bad 80’s fashion intervention needs to happen there right away.

Maybe the adamantium Zeus claims Eduardo Pamplona’s chin is constructed of can break through this ugly fashion barrier. We already know it can withstand a flurry of seven unanswered punches from Dylon Clay. Eduardo and his seemingly indestructible chin are headed to Parma, Ohio on April 9th to fight Johnny Davis at Ultimate Cage Battles-Stars and Stripes. Pamplona currently trains at Blackhouse and has fought in the IFL, M-1 Global, Pancrase and Shine fights and has a 13-2 record which includes only one TKO via Robbie Lawler. That must mean Robbie Lawler’s hands are constructed of some sort of adamantium dissolving kryptonite. Anyone in the Ohio area on April 9th should try and make it out to check out Pamplona who might be one of the most underrated fighters of the moment. [source]

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