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EDITORIAL: Josh Neer Gym Video The Final Disgrace

EDITORIAL: Josh Neer Gym Video The Final Disgrace

TOPSHAM, Maine, February 24, 2015 — Being a Mixed Martial Arts fan means turning a blind eye to many of indiscretions that have happened in the name of MMA. It means supporting your favorite fighter by buying their latest walkout shirt featuring angel wings or skulls, sometimes angel wings on skulls. It means reading misogynistic, xenophobic and ignorant Facebook and Twitter posts and finding a way to compartmentalize them and to not think of these fighters as complete morons. It means dealing with people thinking that @MMARoasted is funny. Hell, it means finding a way to justify your enjoyment of a brutal sport while you see another MMA fighter in trouble for beating up his wife or girlfriend.

But this? This is the final straw, I tell you. Josh Neer, a fighter who calls himself “The Dentist” but clearly doesn’t have the proper licenses to be practicing dentistry, has taken it too far. Former UFC fighter and current Bellator fighter Josh Neer was involved in a Facebook altercation with a fan that turned to violence when the man showed up at Neer’s gym and a gloved-brawl ensued. The video that we saw (which has since been removed) showed us Josh Neer standing over the fallen man and raining down soccer kicks to the clearly hurt man.

There have been a lot of terrible things that we’ve had to endure over the last few years, but enough is enough. I thought that War Machine would be the end of me, but no, instead it is Josh Neer, the man who brought such joy into my life and reminded me to have my dental cleanings every six months turns out to be just another bro in a long system of bros that want to show dominance over idiots on the internet. Josh Neer is no dentist and I’m no fan of his, instead I’m a heartbroken, crestfallen and mildly depressed man living in his Grandparent’s home wondering what the next step is and what a world without MMA looks like.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

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