Report: Eddie Bravo getting beat up by people who hate Flat Earth truthers is worth looking into

Eddie Bravo Flat Earth Truthers

Fight Gods? Please let us have this one. Here is a new Eddie Bravo so crazy just a tiny bit of it has to be true.

The fact that there is the off chance that Bravo’s heroic story is 100% fact says a lot about 2019. What a time to be alive. But also what a time for the biggest asteroid in the Solar System to come crashing down upon us.

It really could go either way.

Speaking of giant moon rocks aiming for Earth, when it hits the blue planet, will it be hitting a more round or flat object?

Bravo is one the leading thinkers on Team Flat Earth and his big beautiful mind may have gotten him into trouble over the weekend. This is a story that 100% may or may not have happened.

Look into it.

And we quote

“From across the street some guy yelled “Fuck flat earth Asshole!!” So I ran up to him and said right to his face “Say it now foo” He then socked me right in the eye and as I lay on the ground in a haze wondering what the fuck just happened, I began to realize he must be one of those mma cage guys so I immediately and profusely began to apologize, I told him I was sorry af, pleaded with him to stop hitting me, I told him he was right and that we live on a spinning ball and everything. Then I turned around and took the fuck off running like a fucking cheetah chasing it’s prey. 60 miles an hour of pure death killing machine. No gazelle would have stood a chance. Don’t mean to brag, just being hella honest”

Good God Almighty there is even a follow up video

Eddie Bravo is the bravest man in combat sports. Bless your sweet stoner heart.

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