Ed O’Neil stopped by the Gracie Academy to talk about the first time he put on a gi

It’s pretty cool that Ed O’Neil is a BJJ black belt under the Gracies. The star of Dutch has been visiting the Gracie Academy for over 17 years and gets weekly private lessons for Rorion. Extremely baller. The more I think about it, with his Pittsburgh Steeler background and lethal Gracie BJJ, I would take Ed O’Neil over James Toney in an MMA match, I think he could bring it down to the ground and sub him fast. Maybe faster than Couture. I don’t even care about the age difference. Then again Ed would have to adjust to the no gi game…hmph.

In the latest video from Ryron and Rener we get to listen to Ed talk about the wild 90’s and when he visited the Gracie Academy for the first time with Apocalypse Now writer John Milius. I hope it puts a smile on that face of yours.


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