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Ed Herman says he was the only UFC fighter to volunteer to fight Jacare at the final Strikeforce show

Ed Herman says he was the only UFC fighter to volunteer to fight Jacare at the final Strikeforce show

The year was 1998. Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 was fully embraced as the 4-player competitive shooter in warm living rooms across the world, but Turok 2: Seeds of Evil would compliment the tight gameplay of Rare’s shooter with a verticality and ‘out of the box’ arsenal never before seen on consoles. Neighborhood streets would be populated by gangs of thirteen-somethings riding their bikes with N64 controllers dangling from the handlebars, looking to test each other’s mettle at one of the two games. Some circles were strictly Goldeneye. Others swore by Turok and the Cerebral Bore (these were also known as the people with the ram pack extension).

It was widely accepted that Goldeneye was the more celebrated home console shooter, with most of the premiere gamers rocking an RC-P90 and systematically ruining the day of anyone who picked Oddjob. Once a known player for either game made the decision to play only Goldeneye or Turok, there was no going back, unless the offender was open to a wedgie and being punched in the leg really hard. Legend has it the ‘Goldens,’ (as the Goldeneye players would be called), had a player that switched over to challenge someone at Turok once. No one knows his name, a name isn’t as important as the story. But, a Goldeneye player went over to one of the top Turok player’s Mom’s house and beat him. No one saw it coming, there was no precedence, but it happened.

That analogy only kind of works, but Ed Herman has the same chance to make history when he takes on Jacare Souza at the final Strikeforce show this Saturday. Too bad he doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. Just a UFC dude switching over on short notice to take on the former middleweight champion. In fact, he says he was the only UFC fighter to raise his hand in the Fight a Jacare Sweepstakes. This is what he told MMAJunkie:

“No one else wanted to cross over like that,”  “But I’ve been in the UFC six years, so it ain’t no big deal to me.”

“The matchup is big for me because I feel like he’s a top-ranked guy, and if I can go in there and get a win on him, that bumps me right back up in the mix of things,”

“Obviously, the UFC is the main stage, and people may look at it as a downgrade, but I don’t because I know I’m going to be right back in the octagon,”

Internet bro fist to Ed Herman for just wanting to fight.


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