EA Sports MMA will be on your iPhone and no one even knew

I couldn’t go to bed without telling you guys two things that happened earlier this morning. Andy D**k was pumping iron at the gym I go to in Hollywood and the dude was sober. I contemplated taking a picture of him, but whenever a man takes a picture of another man in West Hollywood, it has far different connotations than what most of you are used to. I just sat back and waited for him to attack someone, which he did. Apparently Andy D**k has a pass to strike any human being without absolutely any repercussions.

The other thing that caught my eye this morning was EA Sports secretly releasing an iPhone version of EA Sports MMA without telling anyone. Who knew that we had the ability to place Fedor in our pocket without him throwing an overhand right to our car keys. Check out the first pictures of the iPhone version of EA Sports MMA. Some of you will get confused so it bears repeating, this is the iPhone version of EA Sports MMA, not the version for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that will be released next month. Now our phones have the ability to surpass anything the original Sony Playstation could ever produce. That’s mindblowing. [Source]

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