EA Sports MMA takes a trip to Japan with Kawajiri and Yoshida riding shotgun

September 28th is the date in which the EA Sports MMA demo drops on Xbox Live. It also coincides with the exact time when I will turn off my cellphone, lock my doors and finally eject Halo Reach from my console. It had a good run and I appreciate all of the late-night conversations I’ve had arguing with some thirteen-year-old in Colorado Springs over the fact that they’re not a team player. It’s just one of those things we’ve all found ourselves doing at some point in our lives. Juvenile idiots will continue to act-up anonymously online and I will continue to scream at the top of my lungs. If any of you are keeping up-to-date, Rampage Jackson accepted my friend’s request on Xbox Live, Alistair Overeem hasn’t. Marinate on that.

Last week, EA Sports made a stop in the land of the rising sun (and amazing Dream intro videos) to present EA Sports MMA at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. Executive Producer, Dale Jackson, appreciated how receptive the Japanese media was and even said that Kawajiri mentioned he will use the game to help him prepare for fights in the future (which is pretty much the most gangsterish thing you can ever do).

“The press that I spoke to loved how quickly they were able to pick up and play even if they were unfamiliar with the sport. Media loved how the game was truly reflective of the global nature of MMA.

Hidehiko Yoshida spoke highly of the game and Tatsuya Kawajiri loved the game and said he had plans on using it to simulate his future fights to help him with preparation.”

Yoshida also admitted how much of a videogame geek he truly is by claiming he’s been rocking a console ever since grade-school. Keep in mind the dude is 41-years-old. Gamepot managed to capture the entire press conference which included an appearance by Crusher Kawajiri. They also dubbed the clip so that the audio doesn’t quite sync with the video, 1980s Kung-Fu flick style. It’s a nice unintentional touch. [Source]

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