Dustin Poirier Surprisingly Defeats Eddie Alvarez Via Fantastic Knee Counter!

Dustin Poirier Shocks The World And Wins Eddie Alvarez!

We are live inside Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the main event of UFC On Fox 30, where Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier fight for the second time.

The two have already faced at UFC 211, where the match was overturned to no contest after Alvarez landed illegal knees. We will finally see who is a better rival!

Round 1

What an opening, 3-2 lands for Eddie Alvarez, what a start of the match, these fighters are trading shots! Poirier does a great leg kick, but Alvarez with a good body punch. Good leg kick exchange, and now Poirier delivers a body punch. One minute in the round, nobody backs down yet.

Alvarez In Trouble!

Dustin Poirier delivers a tremendous leg kick which almost knocks Eddie Alvarez off his feet, but Alvarez miraculously recovers, what a warrior! He responds with body shots and a great right punch to the head. Straight left hand from Poirier, and another one… fighters trading shots again. Alvarez checks a low kick, and returns with another one. Poirier with a good counter.

Alvarez goes for a takedown but Dustin defends well. Low kick from Poirier, Alvarez returns one and delivers another good punch. Great combo from Alvarez, ended with a short right hand. Straight left hand by Poirier but Eddie ducks in and delivers a punch to the body. Good punches from both fighters, and a low kick from Poirier. Good left hands by both fighters and the end of the round, probably a victory for Alvarez.

Round 2

Alvarez goes for a takedown but Poirier defends well. Great spinning backfist by Alvarez, we don’t see this often from him! Body shot meets Poirier’s left hook. Poirier escapes well after throwing a great kick.

Alvarez puts Poirier down and ends up in a guillotine choke. Both fighters fight for the control on the ground. Alvarez sets free of Poirier’s guard and now Dustin is in a trouble. Fighters are standing up.

Alvarez Dominates!

Alvarez delivers few good right hands. Alvarez takes him down again and Poirier misses with a guillotine choke again. Alvarez looks for his back trying neck crank. He can’t get it, but gets the mount. Poirier in big trouble!

12-6 Elbow!

Alvarez delivers 12-6 elbow and argues with the referee, claiming it was to a shoulder, but he made a mistake. The move is illegal, and the referee restarts them in the stand-up. Body shot from Alvarez countered by a knee and now Poirier opens up. Great knees by Poirier.

Alvarez In A Big Trouble!

More punches from Poirier, Alvarez is still on his knees but he looks rocked and barely returns. Is this the beginning of the end? It looks like the onslaught continues and Alvarez can’t recover, the referee steps in! A TKO victory for Dustin Poirier. What a surprising victory from an underdog!

Check out the action below:

Dustin calls out Khabib:

Official result: Dustin Poirier defeats Eddie Alvarez via TKO


Eddie Alvarez drops to 29-6-1 NC MMA, 4-3-1 NC UFC, while Dustin Poirier improves his score to 24-5-1 NC MMA, 16-4-1 NC UFC).

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