Dustin Poirier Calls For Change After Charles Oliveira’s Weight Fiasco: ‘We Need To Be On Digital Scales’

Poirier addresses the weight scale controversy from UFC 274.

Poirier Weight
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Dustin Poirier has a solution following Charles Oliveira’s infamous weight miss at UFC 274

The champ Oliveira would be stripped of his lightweight title, after he came in half a pound over on the scales. This would cause quite the controversy as Oliveira apparently hit the 155lb mark earlier that day. Additionally, Oliveira had an hour to cut the half pound but didn’t end up making championship weight for whatever reason. 

Poirier Weighs In

Many have blamed the handling of the weight-balance scale for Oliveira’s miss. Poirier, Oliveira’s former foe, has an answer to that problem moving forward. 

“We need to be on digital scales so there’s no grey area,” Poirier stated on The Fight Podcast with Teddy Atlas. “You can’t have a guy there tapping a weight-balance scale and it’s kind of balancing, and he just says it’s a half pound or whatever.

“We need exact numbers. You get on a digital scale, it shows up on the screen, that’s your actual weight. I don’t like the fact that these guys are tapping this balance scale.”

Poirier Says Oliveira Could Have Tried More

While the scales may have been bit shady in Phoenix, ‘The Diamond’ still wonders how the lightweight kingpin didn’t manage to tip the scales at 155. Poirier believes Oliveira could have done more to make the championship weight.

“They weren’t carrying him out,” Poirier continued. “He wasn’t stumbling around. He’s always really lean, and he’s long and tall, so he looks slim. He’s a big guy, but he didn’t look like he needed to be helped. He still had life in his body. He could have, it looked like, tried to lose more weight. It’s a championship fight.”

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