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Dustin Poirier Would Have Finished Conor McGregor Without Broken Leg: ‘It Was Only Going To Get Worse’

Dustin Poirier gives his thoughts on the third fight with Conor McGregor, and breaks down the potential of a fight between he and Nate Diaz

Dustin Poirier Would Have Finished Conor McGregor Without Broken Leg: ‘It Was Only Going To Get Worse’

Conor McGregor may have broken his leg in the third fight with Dustin Poirier, which led to the finish. However Dustin says that the finish would have come soon, even if that did not happen.

After Poirier knocked out McGregor in their rematch in January, they ran it back for a third time to see who the better fighter was. Unfortunately that was still left undecided, as a freak accident, and a potentially pre-existing injury, led to Conor breaking his lower tibia to end the fight.

Speaking in a recent interview, Dustin explained that this was obviously not the way that he wanted the fight to end. That being said, even if Conor made it out of the first round, he says the finish would have happened sooner or later.

“If it wouldn’t have happened at the end of that round, it was going to happen in the second or third round. It was only going to get worse. I definitely felt in control of the fight, even on the feet,” Poirier said.

Conor McGregor Crossed The Line

Following the fight, while he was still in the Octagon, holding his broken leg, Conor McGregor was still talking trash about Dustin Poirier. He demanded that the fight be called a doctor’s stoppage, as if that was different than a traditional TKO, and insulted Dustin and his wife.

While Dustin appreciated the fact that Conor was still trying to be a fight promoter, even in that moment, he does feel like some of the things the Irishman said went too far. That said, he does not let that kind of thing get under his skin too much, especially after winning the fight.

“I felt like I had just won. It is what it is. What a promoter the guy is, sitting there holding a gumpy leg, and setting up fights, and still talking trash. Hey, let the guy recover and get healthy and come back, we’ll see what happens and what’s next. But I felt like I won the fight, that’s the feeling I got immediately after,” Poirier said.

“For sure some of the stuff he said is crossing the lines, but this is the fight game. I don’t write the rules, I just go in there and punish people for talking, and that’s what happened.”

Following the fight, Dana White expressed interest in seeing a fourth fight between Poirier and McGregor, proving that Conor’s in-cage antics helped. Dustin says that this is something he is not opposed to, but that he will not be sitting around waiting for Conor to return.

“We’ll see what happens. I’m not sitting back waiting to fight him a fourth time. If it makes sense, it comes about, we’ll do it again,” Poirier said.

“I’m not committing to anything. I haven’t even spoken to the UFC about a title fight, their timeline. I haven’t spoken to anyone about setting up another fight. I haven’t even been reached out to by the company. We’ll see what happens. I guess anything is possible, we’ll just go with what makes the most sense.”

Dustin Poirier vs Nate Diaz?

Despite the fact that he says he has not been approached by the UFC for any fights, Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz have been trading barbs online. It seems that there might be some heat to the idea of these two fighting, after a failed booking back in 2018.

However Dustin says that this is not something that is really on his radar on the moment, nor something the UFC has discussed with him. While he would be down to fight Nate, he is keeping his options open.

“I don’t know, I just feel like we gotta fight at some point, but we’ll see,” Poirier explained. “Nothing’s been offered to me at all. I haven’t spoken to the UFC. I can’t say the same thing for Nathanial, but I think they will call me soon.

“He’s a fighter I’ve been watching a long time. I think our styles match up well, it’ll be a great fight, but like I said, I’m not chasing it. There’s a possibility that it might happen, but on my things to-do list, that’s not my next thing to do.”

As much as a fight with Nate Diaz would be entertaining, it seems like most fans would rather see Dustin Poirier fight Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title next. Time will tell what the UFC does though, and what direction his career will go next.

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