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Dustin Poirier Dismisses Conor McGregor Trash Talk: ‘We Put You On Airplane Mode In Front Of The Whole World’

Dustin Poirier responds to Conor McGregor's challenge to keep their third fight on the feet, and says he is not concerned about trash talk

Dustin Poirier Dismisses Conor McGregor Trash Talk: ‘We Put You On Airplane Mode In Front Of The Whole World’

Ahead of their rubber match at UFC 264, Conor McGregor challenged Dustin Poirier to keep the fight standing. To Dustin, this is a sign of insecurity from the former two division UFC champion.

Poirier vs McGregor 3 headlines UFC 264 on July 10th, after Dustin got the upper hand in the second fight, earlier this year. Ahead of the contest, Conor issued a message to Dustin, saying that he would be a “dusty b—ch” to take the Irishman down.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Diamond responded to this message from McGregor. He says that this type of remark suggests that Conor is feeling unconfident ahead of this rubber match, and is insecure about his chances to win.

“How about the first one to get taken down is a dusty b—ch? This is mixed martial arts, put it all together. That reeks of insecurity to me,” Poirier said.

Dustin Poirier Is Not Worried About Trash Talk

In their second fight, Conor McGregor was far more respectful to Dustin Poirier than he was in their first meeting, which ended up being a talking point for the fight. This time around though, the intensity between the pair has sparked back up.

While it may have had an effect of him the first time around, Dustin says that he is far too mature to get caught up in things like that now. He says that he is not the person he was seven years ago, so if the unhinged version of the Irishman pops up, he is well prepared.

“If it’s crazy Conor, I don’t give a f—k… I really don’t care,” Poirier said.

“I’m not a kid anymore. I’m a grown man and I know what matters and I know what I can’t control and you know I just don’t beat myself up nearly I used to with the critics. I think it’s going to be crazy Conor again, for sure…

“How crazy can you be? You got knocked out last time. We put you on airplane mode in front of the world.”

Dustin Poirier will face off against Conor McGregor for the third time at UFC 264, July 10th, in Las Vegas. With so much on the line, it will be interesting to see how both men look.

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