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Dustin Poirier Accepts Jake Paul’s Conor McGregor Chain Offer, Jake Offers To Snap The Ankle

Dustin Poirier responds to Jake Paul's offer to send him the $100k chain of Conor McGregor getting knocked out

Dustin Poirier Accepts Jake Paul’s Conor McGregor Chain Offer, Jake Offers To Snap The Ankle

Arguably the greatest troll in combat sports, Jake Paul offered to send Dustin Poirier his $100k chain of Conor McGregor getting knocked out. Now Dustin has accepted this offer, which led to a hilarious bit of banter between the two.

When Poirier knocked McGregor out in January, it became something of a global meme. This meme was then turned into a chain by the younger Paul brother, who got a diamond studded version of Conor laid out on the canvas, apparently worth six figures.

After Dustin won the third fight with Conor over the weekend, getting the doctor’s stoppage after the Irishman broke his tibia, Jake offered this chain to Dustin, saying that he earned it. Posting to his Twitter, he said he would give Dustin this chain as a gift.

aye @DustinPoirier want me to ship this to you? $100k gift from me I think you deserve it lmk” Paul said.

Dustin Poirier Responds To Jake Paul 

This was a hilarious offer from Jake Paul, and it did not go unnoticed by Dustin Poirier. He actually responded on Twitter to accept the offer, telling Jake to send the chain his way.

“Send it over,” he wrote.

This led to a reply from Paul, who confirmed that he would send Poirier the chain. He also offered to snap the ankle off, in reference to Conor’s broken leg, but offered to let Dustin do that himself.


you want the ankle snapped off or do you wanna do it?” Jake Paul wrote.

To be clear, this response is a bit on the tasteless side, but Jake Paul and Dustin Poirier had a hilarious exchange here. Time will tell if Jake actually gives that chain to Dustin, but if so, it will be hilarious to see him sporting it on his neck.

As for Conor, he has successfully undergone surgery and is expected to make a full recovery in the coming weeks. If Dana White is to be believed, we could see he and Dustin face off for a fourth time at some point soon.

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