Drop what you’re doing and watch Mark Munoz laugh at the idea of Bisping defeating him

If I ever get around to selling the Gary LaPlante sitcom to one of the big three networks, I have every intention of casting Mark Munoz in the friendly neighbor role. Maybe a Wilsonish character from Home Improvement where you see his cauliflower ear poking out from behind the fence that obscures his face. Or maybe he just lives in the apartment across from Gary and consoles him every time one of his favorite fighters loses. Here’s my point: Mark Munoz is one of the nicest guys out there and I want to cast him in that role whenever his fighting career is done. He’s perfect for it. He’s even got an infectious laugh that spreads across a room like wildfire. You can see this winning smile and hear the laugh in the video below when LayzieTheSavage explains to Mark how Bisping feels about his latest performance, and whether The Count will be able to handle himself with the Filipino Wrecking Machine (Munoz doesn’t like that nickname).

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