Drew Fickett fought some guy named ‘Fujiwara’ instead of ‘Kawajiri’ last weekend

I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese for the past fourteen hours so I know how hard it is to remember Japanese names. Just kidding, that’s something my uncle would say. He would also tell people that the only Japanese food he likes is Chinese food. My uncle is the same guy that visited Thailand only to proclaim that he could never live there because there’s too many Asians there. My uncle lives in Texas, so based on his environment, all of that is acceptable. I’m assuming he would probably call Tatsuya Kawajiri ‘Drunken Master’ since 70s Kung-Fu flicks are the extent of his knowledge of Asian culture. However, props to Drew Fickett for manifesting another Japanese last name to replace his opponent’s actual last name in this post-fight Dream: Fight for Japan GP Final interview. [Source]

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