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Dream 13 delivered the hardest groin shot in the history of MMA

Dream 13 was great. Ryo Chonan got an impressive win, Fernades defeated Hansen via split-decision to take the Dream featherweight belt, Kikuno dazzled everyone with his kyokushin karate, Noons outboxed Amade but all of these events were overshadowed by the groin shot Josh Barnett delivered to Mighty Mo. If you think that I’m going to search the internet for a video of it, then you’re absolutely wrong. There is no way I ever want to see that again nor should you. Seeing the inside of Miguel Torres’ head is one thing, but witnessing perhaps the hardest and direct blow to a man’s testicles is something entirely different. Sorry Chris Tuchscherer’s groin, we finally have a new winner in the hardest testicle shot and it’s a reward no man should ever accept. The action in Dream 13 was suspended for nearly 15 minutes while doctors started to massage Mighty Mo’s testicles because apparently…that’s the protocol. Hey, it’s Japan. Anything goes. Check out this post-fight interview of Mighty Mo still talking about his groin nearly an hour after the fight.


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