Drawn by a child, this picture of the Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor crowd face-off is beautiful

Art is subjective. UFC featherweight Conor McGregor is subjective. Jose Aldo has been the only 145 pound UFC champion the promotion has known and this is a fact. The prospect of McGregor meeting Aldo for five rounds of mixed fist-a-cuffs has inspired children all over the world to express themselves through art.

Potentially legendary UFC title fights are inspirational.

Breaking out crayons and a piece of blank paper we have the work of an unknown artist. Clearly drawn by a child with an active imagination, McGregor’s post-fight outburst of screaming two feet from Aldo’s face is recreated. Look at the passion a child, who may or may not be gravely ill, puts into the details of McGregor.

Perhaps born with only nine fingers and half a thumb, this brave little artist captures the smirk of Aldo as his next title challenger loses his sense of personal space. Through the use of dramatic colors and oddly shaped human faces, the brave little Pablo Picasso is using pictures to broadcast his last wish before he leaves this earth…. “Please, please after all this hype and smack talk don’t let this fight suck….______________” 

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