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Dos Anjos Next in Line for Anthony Pettis, Diaz Passes the Torch Via Instagram

Dos Anjos Next in Line for Anthony Pettis, Diaz Passes the Torch Via Instagram

In what was a tremendous moment in UFC history last night, longtime consummate gentleman Nathan Diaz was involved in a bit of a donnybrook with one Rafael Dos Anjos. Yes, Rafael is from the angels, his name says, which he demonstrated at UFC on Fox whatever-the-number-was. Rafael spent most of the night demonstrating his leg kick technique to Diaz, with Diaz — the most focused and prepared that he’s ever been — unable to find a way to counter it.

Why was this moment truly historic? Well, because the UFC Lightweight division has enough injuries to build a Brock Lesnar out of said injured limbs, Rafael Dos Anjos has been granted the next shot at UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis. Now it’s just up to Pettis remain healthy and injury-free until then, which many are suspecting will absolutely not happen. Regardless, for the time being Rafael Dos Anjos is the UFC Lightweight contender and he should celebrate it.

Nate, then, in a historic showing, posted via social media an image that we are assuming is him literally “passing the torch” to Dos Anjos. Curiously, though, Dos Anjos is a year older than him, usually torches are passed to younger athletes.

None-the-less, Nathan Diaz is a class act.

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