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Doomsday Howard wants you to know that his Boston gym is not filled with terrorists

Doomsday Howard wants you to know that his Boston gym is not filled with terrorists

When we interviewed John ‘Doomsday’ Howard a few years ago, we discovered that his refrigerator is constantly stocked with a seemingly endless supply of Sprite. He also hoards Reese’s Pieces much like the southern United States stocked up on bottled water and canned foods shortly before the ‘y2k bug’ that never was. People tend to freak out about unreasonable situations in which they have no control over. I think Terence McKenna said it best with ‘We don’t even know enough to be afraid.’ Fortunately for your health, you probably know that Doomsday Howard packs an array of strikes, all capable of ending your consciousness at any given point in whatever timeline you may reside in. As of now, he’s only a former UFC fighter — but we think with enough wins in smaller organizations, he’ll eventually grace the Octagon yet again.

We should all celebrate now that Boston is once again the beer-filled playground that it once was before that psycho literally hijacked the city last week. Once the news broke that the Boston Bomber trained boxing at Wai Kru, Doomsday’s long-time gym, the mainstream media prowled the premise with annoying persistence.

Josh Doomsday thought it would be appropriate to cut a video informing the world that Wai Kru doesn’t promote terrorism, and that the Boston Bomber was just some dude that briefly visited the facility.

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