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Donald Cerrone Thinks Of Leaving Jackson-Wink Gym, Loyalty Traded For Money

Donald Cerrone Thinks Of Leaving Jackson-Wink Gym, Loyalty Traded For Money

Donald Cerrone: “Beef Has Nothing To Do With Mike Perry, I Am Furious Cause Street Bums Spar With Professionals”

Mike Perry says Donald Cerrone is on the way out from Jackson-Wink in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Cowboy trained in Greg Jackson’s gym for a very long period of time.

Yet, the things became complicated when Cerrone was slated for the match versus Mike Perry at UFC Fight Night 139 in Denver, Colorado, on November 10, 2018. Mike Winkeljohn will be in Perry’s corner, while Greg Jackson will be on the opposite side with Donald Cerrone. Two co-owners are literally going against each other!

Platinum said The Cowboy doesn’t come to the gym at all. Instead, he stays at his ranch and prepares there. Mike Perry also accused Cerrone that he physically came into the gym and asked from coaches not to let him train inside Jackson-Wink!

Yet, Donald Cerrone said a completely different story at Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. According to Cerrone, he wasn’t welcome to the gym anymore when he was asking not to let Perry train. He also says Jackson Wink’s loyalty doesn’t exist anymore. For Cowboy, old Greg Jackson is a history. Money plays the crucial role at the moment. (via

“When I wanted to go to 155 and Perry called me out and I said sure, no problem. So I went to talk to Greg and Wink and say, ‘This guy is brand new to the gym, he’s only been here for one camp, a couple of months, I don’t think it’s okay for him to come in and call me out. That’s not right. So if he is doing that, I don’t think we should allow him to train her for this fight.’ So fucking Winkeljohn tells me, ‘Well, I thought you called him out?’ Just a shit ass, and lies to your face. So to me he was like, ‘Yeah, no problem I will clear it up and we wont have any issues.’ The next day he calls me on the phone and says, ‘You know what, I thought about it and if we don’t have Perry then I don’t get paid. I need to get paid for this fight. Can you just pay Greg? I don’t make any money for the gym, so we’re just going to go with him.’ He then basically told me I am no longer welcome in the gym. He said the team had a meeting; bullshit they had a meeting. I talked to everybody and there was no meeting. So to me, the loyalty of Wink taking over the gym is shit, man. Turned it into a puppy mill. It’s all about money now. It’s not the old Jackson’s.”

Donald Cerrone is furious since he was one of the guys who helped Greg Jackson built an empire. He trained there for more than 10 years. According to Cowboy, when Winkeljohn merged over, all the big pros left and it turned into a puppy mill! The rules have changed. Cerrone blames Mike Winkeljohn for ruining Jackson-Wink Team.

 “To see where the gym was to where it is now, it’s heartbreaking to me, to be honest. You want to talk about loyalty, which is the biggest thing in this conversation we are having right now, how they pick someone over me through being loyal. I stuck by Greg, even when the gym started going down. When Winkeljohn merged over, all the big pros left and it turned into a puppy mill. Back when Greg had it and it was its own school, you couldn’t turn up to a pro class. Like some guy couldn’t just come in here an knock on your door, like you say you get weirdos all the time. Next thing you know he has shin pads on and he is sparring. There is literally at the new gym, bums come off the street. I swear to God and will fight, will put things on and will fight. True story. Random bums off the street. That would never happen back in the day. (Greg) is so out of the loop and Winkeljohn runs the entire thing. He (Greg) kind of stepped back for a couple of years and is kind of doing other things. He got burned out I guess. Which is why I created the BMF ranch. I needed somewhere to go and something to do. That is Wink’s argument right now, saying I’m at my own place and I never go there. So I told him I never go there because the people he lets in there now is outlandish. You pay $150 and you can get on the mats and spar with Holly Holm. You know what I mean? That’s what it’s come to down there. It’s no longer just us, good pros and everyone there for the same missions, trying to get better…it’s asinine what they’ve turned that place into.”

Cerrone also thinks the mismanagement literally destroyed Jackson-Wink gym. Winning percentage has dropped significantly.

“You should have an infrastructure set in place, especially if you’re the greatest at one time,” Cerrone said. “If your winning percentages are in the 80s and 90s and now they’re in the 20s. I have no clue what the winning record of our gym is, but it’s nothing like it used to be. It’s f**king asinine to me.”

Donald Cerrone claims he is frustrated about betrayal. He also says the beef is not related to Mike Perry. After all, he is just looking for a place to train and became famous. What are your thoughts on this? Which is the real reason – jealousy or betrayal?


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