Donald Cerrone, Dan Bilzerian Claps Back After Anthony Smith Accused Them Of Seat-Stealing At UFC 235

Donald Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian shared their side of the three-year-old story.

Dan Bilzerian Donald Cerrone
Dan Bilzerian Donald Cerrone - Image via @danbilzerian @cowboycerrone Instagram
  • Anthony Smith said Donald Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian stole his family’s seats at UFC 235
  • “Cowboy” posted in a since-deleted post what Bilzerian told “Lionheart” in response to his allegations

After three long years, Anthony Smith made a shocking claim about what went down between his family, fellow UFC star Donald Cerrone, and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian cage-side at UFC 235. “Lionheart” has publicized some accusations about “Cowboy” and Bilzerian which involved his mother and wife.

Now, the pair has answered back and shared their side of the story.

Smith’s bold allegations

In one of the recent episodes of Michael Bisping’s podcast, Smith revealed that Cerrone and Bilzerian came to watch his fight against Jon Jones at UFC 235 “hammered” and “just sh*thouse drunk.” According to Smith, the two then “removed” his mom and wife from their seats and stole it from them.

What’s more, the light heavyweight contender claimed Bilzerian was “watching porn on his phone” which made his mother feel uncomfortable.

Bilzerian hits back

As expected, it didn’t take long before Bilzerian, who boasts more than 32 million followers on Instagram, addressed the issue. In a now-deleted post from Cerrone, it shows that Bilzerian sent Smith a message on Instagram.

In it, the famous poker player confronted “Lionheart” and accused him of lying about the entire thing, speculating that Smith just used drop his name in the podcast for “click bait.”

“So I saw your nonsensical story where you’re using my name for click bait,” Bilzerian reportedly said in the post via MMA Mania.

“You should at least try to have some semblance of truth in there,” he continued. “First off, Cowboy invited me to that fight and he had the tickets. I didn’t ask anyone to move and certainly not your mother. I also didn’t watch porn, if she was looking at my phone I’m sure what she saw was a random Snapchat from a girl that turned out to be naked when I opened it.”

“I don’t drink so I certainly wasn’t hammered,” he added. “Your depiction of this story is complete bulls—t.”

At the moment, Smith has yet to comment on the matter again but is expected to do so sooner rather than later. Let’s see how things will play out.

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