Don Frye vs. Herschel Walker almost happened this January 29th

Chalk this one up in your notebook of monumental fights filled with incredible that slightly fell short of coming true. That actually would make a damn good title for our next Top Ten List, too bad we’re already sitting on three lists that are semi-finished. Our work ethic has a symbiotic relationship with how many 5-hour energy drinks we can consume in a one-hour interval.

Today on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour (thanks for the MiddleEasy shout-out, bud), Scott Coker appeared on the show and we witnessed about twenty minutes of Helwani trying to grind out what the second alternate fight is for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix. We already know about Lavar Johnson vs. Shane Del Rosario, we suspected Valentijn Overeem vs. Ray Sefo (which was later confirmed as the third replacement bout), but Coker is still holding out on the full details of the second replacement fight. Coker stated that it wasn’t Daniel Cormier, and sort of abandoned the topic to discuss something, which I feel, is exponentially more amazing: a potential Don Frye vs. Herschel Walker bout.

Scott Coker stated that for Herschel Walker’s second bout, Don Frye was slated to face the former Olympian this January 29th at Strikeforce: San Jose. Herschel Walker was open to fighting Don Frye, but Walker’s camp decided that Herschel ‘wasn’t ready’ to bang against the only autonomous mustache in human history. Perhaps the greatest thing that we’ve learned from Scott Coker’s statement today is that Don Frye is still active and is open to banging against guys his age. Scott Coker also briefly mentioned something about Mark Coleman, but it was too unintelligible to come to a conclusion as to what he actually meant.

Herschel Walker vs. Don Frye would have been too much American concentrated in one vicinity. The HP Pavilion would have erupted with mountains of Cheeseburgers, AK-47s, Levis Jeans and whatever else you foreigners associate America with. [Source]

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