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Don Frye thinks GSP is the best and Hendo is an ***hole

Don Frye thinks GSP is the best and Hendo is an ***hole

Initially, I was going to write two separate articles, but figured I could knock them both out in one article.  Actually, I wasn’t going to write any articles because today is 9/11 and I’m a New Yorker that likes to get drunk at 8:00am to numb the darkness that comes with this day each year.  In any case… Here I am, relying on the spelling and grammar checker to make sure this makes some sort of sense before posting it on MiddleEasy (editor’s note: it was needed).  If it doesn’t, please divert your attention to Zeus’ article about the UFC 153 catastrophe or one of our top ten lists.  Otherwise, you’re letting the terrorists win.

GSP has nothing to do with why Don Frye thinks Dan Henderson is an asshole.  In fact, GSP has already done enough to solidify himself as one of the greatest fighters who ever lived, but despite Hendo’s legendary career, Don Frye has a bone to pick with him.  Here’s what the greatest mustache in MMA had to about Dangerous Dan in this video.


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